Solarmatic offers companies full production lines and individual machinery that are best suited to their individual needs.
This means you have the flexibility of purchasing the machinery that best suits your production model. For companies searching for a specific machine Solarmatic helps you find and install the optimal machine in order to increase your production flow.
After installation, Solarmatic offers extensive training to your staff to impart both technical and operational knowledge upon your personnel.

From start to finish Solarmatic will guide you through steps in acquiring the ideal machine line or machinery for your PV production plant. We take care to ensure your line not only suits your production model but also takes into account your production space, energy requirements, staff expertise, transport and much more.

Solarmatic makes solar possible. 

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Real Throughput: 600 cells / time ~ 6.0 sec / cell
Cell Size: 5 “and 6″
Thickness cells: more than 160 μm and 300 μm
Cell breakage rate: <0.3%
Load cells in continuous more than 600 cells
Power: 23 kW
Air consumption: 300 l / min

Welding system
Infrared welding system or contact soldering;

Zone pre-heated with settable temperature to prevent thermal stress of the cells before the welding process;

User Interface
Easy to use and large touch screen 15 “
Storage and customization of the recipe
Remote Assistance by Ethernet connection

Cells 6 “1/2 (156×78)
Celle6 1/3 (156×52)
Cells 5 “1/2 (125×62.5)
Cells 5 “1/3 (125×41.6)
Optical centering system
Optical system for quality control cells

CE Mark
Warranty: 2 years

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Heating System

  • Heating area 2110 mm x 2260 mm
  • Heating System: Electric 
  • Heating rate: ± 14 ° C / min 
  • Cooling rate: ± 8 ° C / min (with active cooling system)
  • Temperature distribution on heating plate during heat up: <± 2%;
  • Temperature distribution in stand-by mode: <± 2%
  • Temperature overflow: +2 °
  • Useable distance between the heating plate and the upper chamber: 38 mm;
  • Aluminium heating plate;
  • Thickness plate: 32 mm
  • Maximum temperature: 180 ° C (250 ° C optional); 
  • Cooling system available as an option;

Vacuum System

  • Ultimate value of vacuum: <0.5 mbar;
  • Controlled vacuum value (0 to 1000 mbar) in the lower chamber;
  • Controlled vacuum value (0 to 1000 mbar) in the upper chamber;
    High resolution vacuum gauge display;

UI System

  • Touch-screen panel;
  • Definition of the recipes rolling: time, temperature, pressure;
  • Checking the function of heating and active cooling over temperature setpoint;
  • Automatic startup of the work cycle by closing of the cover
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