Production Lines and Machinery

Solarmatic offers companies full production lines and individual machinery that are best suited to their individual needs.
This means you have the flexibility of purchasing the machinery that best suits your production model. For companies searching for a specific machine Solarmatic helps you find and install the optimal machine in order to increase your production flow.
After installation, Solarmatic offers extensive training to your staff to impart both technical and operational knowledge upon your personnel.

From start to finish Solarmatic will guide you through steps in acquiring the ideal machine line or machinery for your PV production plant. We take care to ensure your line not only suits your production model but also takes into account your production space, energy requirements, staff expertise, transport and much more.

Solarmatic makes solar possible. 

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Production Lines

Green Line

The Green Line is constructed for small production and is entirely manual.
This type of line is ideal for costumers who want to start producing photovoltaic modules without investing a large capital up front.

Production Capacity:
Operational Time:
1 Shift: 8 hours
2 Shifts: 16 hours
3 Shifts: 24 hours

Capacity per hour:
3 modules per hour

Production MW with panels 60 cells 240W:
1 Shift: 1.5 MW
2 Shifts: 3 MW
3 Shifts: 4.5 MW

Operators per shift:
7 operators per shift

List of machines:

  • TCS100 is a welding station that allows the manual creation of strings;
  • LMT100 laminator with a panel of productivity per cycle;
  • TCM100 table for connections and visual inspection of the panel;
  • SL100 solar simulator for testing module;
  • FRM100 semi-automatic frame machine;
  • TFC100 table for cutting eva and tedlar;
  • TRC100 machine for manual cutting of the ribbon;
  • TT-90M table for trimming of the panel.
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